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DBIA Hamptons Roads Bylaws

Over the last year, your Board of Directors has been working to update the chapter bylaws to better reflect the operations of the Hampton Roads chapter.  The current bylaws were developed when our chapter was founded in 2008 and Board tasked an ad hoc Bylaws Committee to evaluate potential modernization and efficiency changes to the bylaws.

The Bylaws Committee suggested amendments, which were considered and approved by the Board. Additionally, per Article XIII, Section 1, of the 2008 bylaws, the Board approved amendments were submitted to and approved by the Regional Board of Directors for our region, DBIA Mid-Atlantic. The Executive Council accordingly proposed to the Chapter the Chapter’s adoption of the regionally approved amendments.

As required by the current bylaws, Members are requested to please review the documents and be prepared to vote on the adoption of the proposed amended and restated bylaws at the beginning of our next membership meeting, which is being held simultaneously with the joint DBIA-AGC project showcase, at 11:00 AM on April 21, 2021.  In order to efficiently take action during this virtual meeting, we ask that you submit questions ahead of the meeting to Bylaws Task Force Co-chairs Neil Lowenstein ( or Tom Tingle ( Please submit your questions/comments no later than April 7, 2021 so the Board can address them prior to the membership meeting.


Thank you,


Neil Lowenstein


Thomas G. Tingle

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